Easy way to understand where the energy comes..?


Easy way to understand where the energy comes..? Teach by Guru 

without practice first..Teachings of Guru is essential one..for meditation..


Ok, Every morning you are  doing your work , here on doing work ..how and 

where the energy is coming from? you have to think...

you are taking you breakfast in morning, and lunch in noon, and wel as dinner 

in evening...then why you need to take rest in night? if you are getting energy 

only from foods then you can able to continue..but actually you are not ? 

 what process in going on... there is a hidden process in going on , that process 

is under taken through sleep. Here, After a deep sleep for same hours that  

taken by you in morning.. 

See Now in every morning after a complete deep sleep you got energy ..reason 

Why..? and How..? during the time of sleep same 12 hours in night ..like as

 morning. you need not take food or drinks. but you are getting huge energy 

which you lost in morning hours...have you able understand what the process is 

this? ok now i am giving the reason what happens in night..!

During night you are become thoughtless ...it mean less thoughts.. and at same 

time your are getting some minimum amount of energy consumption...here in 

thoughtless state you are automatically connected with universe ... every cells 

and tissue of whole body will automatically connected to universe and ready for 

charge during Sleep in night ....so please have  less thoughts  for long life..

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