Meditation and Ways to Overcome from drugs,diseases

Reasons for need of Meditation in your practical life....

Ways to Overcome from diseases,drugs etc...easy way read the below with calm :

Now a days , there are different types of  meditation followed by various SadhGuru's . ok Lets us discuss


Why we need Meditation ?


Meditation is an essential one for Human body in todays life. Human brains are processed by continues thoughts raised by you and remotely raised by others ..just like family members,office staffs,etc..

The raised thoughts may include emotions,feelings etc.such raised thoughts may some time  harm to body organs. such as death or other pains.

 Every Morning , we are getting relaxation after wake up..why ? the reason is the brain processed by less   thoughts in that time our body organs are completely works under the process of universe where it originates. In this same way by doing proper meditation in early morning at 5:00 A.m , your raised thoughts are controlled and  whereas then you can get purified thoughts.



In our practical life , Every one will have some bad habits such as drugs,drinks and some other sexual problems..etc.. no problem you can include meditation as an additional habit. Do it regularly at the same time After a week of continous meditation  you can see the change of moving to positive thoughts.... 

And at the same time by doing the continous meditation upto six months you can overcome from any diseases ....its true. because you are owned by thoughts was already cleaned by meditation.



So. Practice meditation in early morning  at the 5:00 A.M ..Regular practice of meditation is the only way to overcome from all the diseases..and at the same time helps you to keeeps as normal health.


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