Meditation and Tricks - Level 1

Meditation helps you to cure from various diseases , where some diseases does not have medicines . you need not to worry about that . Just do the meditation properly in  your daily life at the time of 5: am in early Morning.


Here see , All the religious tries to give the  compulsory prayer in the early morning but we are not following that ... we are avoid the prayers by feeling the reason, that its not related to science thereby we are not giving importance for prayer . but please understand one thing in every prayer in morning is related to science , its practical ..Our fore fathers are not fools they know clear where is god ? 


   Actually  meditation starts its Origin  from prayer , and whereas regular prayer helps us to  increase our thirst towards the lords  it may be either Buddha,Jesus,Allah, Krishna,Murga,etc..


When our prayer gets stronger , we are entered into the waves fields of  lords and then words in the bible,Quran, Bhagavat Gita,  formula starts to work...they are starts to help us.


By Meditation , while in our daily life  our actions are merged with Universe ....this is the first thing we have  to understand , ok  let us see how to start a easy meditation .sit in the calm place with relaxed mind..if your mind have more thoughts no problem ....


This is the best way ..where all the religious masters says....Sit in a calm place ...and now close your eyes..because eyes are the window of the feel you are connected with universe ...have this one thought as continous ...and meditate for 1 hour in same thought.. if sometime you may feel problem ...continue it., the reason for fear is the mind moves to deep silence ,where you does not feel in your life upto now in awarness mode...if you have any doubt you can post the comments...we will ready to help you ...


After every day meditation, you can feel you are moved towards positive ways...then you feel freeeee....sometimes you may feel flying in sky...your happiness starts...and by proper meditation at the time 5:00 am in early morning


After a year of practice , you can able to understand where the world can able to feel the world starts from you...


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